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Gospel #8

I'm so bored!!! I realize I'm not doing my duty to God. So!! since God talks about loving each other and being nice to each other let's all take a second to take part in a -


what does that mean?
1. you comment to this post and comment with your name.
2. people tell you ONE (or many) positive thing about you.
3. You have to tell them something nice in return!
4. YOU ALL MUST TAKE PART! there must be something you like about everyone!!

you can all start with ME!!!! there's plenty of things - so ready, steady, GO!!!!!!!!!!

Gospel #7

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are, without doubt, the most awesome crew this place has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The SDC has successfully captured and sent THIS to hell:

Can't top that huh?!
The Mummies are gone, of course, but the kitchen is once again totaled!!! Luckily we didn't start remodeling it before the attack!

Gospel #6

WHAT THE HELL!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!
I sense a demon's aura too. I think there's a demon on the Sweet Death! has anyone seen him?!?!! how the hell did he get here!??!?!?!

Gospel #5

I haven't had the chance to wish everyone luck at the paintball war. Everybody do your best!!!
I really wanted to go, but my wounds hurt a lot in the last few days. I'm not sure why.

Edit: I didn't want to write the second sentence, somehow it's stuck there. I can't seem to delete it!


WHY DO THESE THINGS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?!!?!?!?!??!!? it's not my fault!!!!
well maybe it's sorta my fault but -
Giselle sorry!! I tried baking a cake for Sister Kate, those with faith shall be saved, tsh!
And..umm...the kitchen....
I didn't mean it!!! But don't worry, I, by myself do the work of 20 and I'll clean it up!!!
I also managed to stop the fire.
I wanted to send it to Sister Kate...oh well...maybe she wouldn't notice!!!! it's the thought that counts, right!?

Gospel #4

I got my guns ability back!!! Calgara was very nice and have given it to me at the party!! I feel like myself again.
That party was also pretty much fun, I ate tons of food whacked a mole and met many new people!!! thank you for all of you who made this little servant of God feel welcomed!
Except for you pervert skeleton, this is the last time I ever let you go near me again!! You had luck I didn't have my gun ability back then!
I also got my clock back, so thank you everyone for helping, it really meant a lot.
It seems we'll be getting new crew members...dang, it means less food for m-
I mean welcome!!! If you need anything at all I'll gladly help...or something.

Gospel #3

My lifespan clock.
I lost it.
I had it on my neck and now it's not here.
I looked everywhere and I can find it.
If you find it please return it to me, it's my most precious item.
even if it's not working anymore, I can't lose it.


God, I have sinned didn't I? I did something terrible didn't I?!

I didn't mean to eat all the cookies that were in the jar!!!!! or to eat the pie Giselle left on the table!!! I'M SORRY!!!
I'm a good believer, I follow your ways and I try my best, PLEASE FORGIVE THIS HUMBLE NUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't use my guns. I can't even hold them right, I can't make moves. I can't do anything.
God has taken one of my greatest hobbies and I'm left with that - nothing. Just an empty shell of a person.
Apperently I can use a sword.
I can't slay demons with a sword!!! I can't do nothing with a stupid STUPID sword!!!!!! it's useless to me! I WANT MY GUNS BACK!!!!!!!
I'll go pray or something.
This is so cruel!!!!!!

At last!

I'm finally out of that island!!!! Some of  The Sweet Death crew were kind enough to get me out of there - thank you again, I would have starved to death without you.
The cook here is the best I ever ran into, while we didn't meet yet - Giselle - you are a life savior!
Chrno is apparently not in this world, but he'll sure  drop by eventually so I'm not going to laze around until then! I'm going to keep working on my battle skills, and while I can't use guns in here I can work on speed and other things. All in all, I am very pleased with my current home!

What is this -

What is this place? how did I get here?!
I thought my time ran out....
And I was with Chrno before  I.....and now...
CHRNO! if I'll find out you got here as well and left me on this weird island I'll kill you!
I still have my gun and bullets, Chrno!!! and holy water too!!!!
This island is weird....the stigmata is still on my body but...it doesn't hurt that much here...
I have to find Chrno! if I'm here, he might be here too!!!

oh and to everyone - hello! I'm sister Rosette Christopher from
Magdalene Order! at your service!!! if you even run into a devil or a demon call me! I'm a exorcist!!!!